A Special Commitment to What We Do

Our aim has always been to live up to our reputation as the healthcare provider of choice for the people of Ennis…

And this we achieve by offering all our residents completely personal and compassionate care that is totally centred around their experience and journey with us.

Every day, we work hard to ensure that

  • we tailor our services and support to what our residents need and want. They are at the centre of everything we do;
  • we provide sought-after, premium accommodation, services and care in a setting that people want to be a part of;
  • We attract and keep the very best, highly-trained care staff and that we do all we can to support them in being the best they can be;
  • our quality and patient safety continues to grow from strength to strength;
  • we are financially-viable and our resources match our requirements.

The Cahercalla Way

Excelling at What We Do

From tight teamwork to innovative working ways and a focus on continuous improvement – we strive to always beat our best.

A Natural Respect

People make us who and what we are. Showing respect for the value, dignity, diversity and importance of every resident and every team member, is at the heart of all that we do.

Interest and Interesting

We are interested in our residents and the lives they share with us – and we want to reward them with the best lifestyle and experiences we can.

Fairness for All

We work with integrity and honesty, without compromise – and will commit to meeting the highest ethical and professional standards.

Open and Transparent

Our communication is open and honest and we pledge to complete transparency across the board – from the policies we adopt to the services we deliver.

Owning Our Actions

We are always responsible and accountable for everything we do and take taking complete ownership of all outcomes.

Cahercalla Community Hospital Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. It holds charitable status, and as such, is a non-profit-making organisation, with any profits generated being used to finance the provision of better services and facilities.

Charity No:           CHY 10277

Company No:      231439