Hospice Care

What is Hospice care?

Hospice care can be defined as “care designed to give supportive care to people in the final phase of a terminal illness and focus on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure. The goal is to enable patients to be comfortable and free of pain, so they can live each day as full as possible. Aggressive methods of pain control may be used.”

The philosophy of hospice is to provide support for the patient’s emotional, social and spiritual needs as well as medical symptoms as part of treating the whole person.

At Cahercalla, hospice care is patient focused to meet the individual patient’s needs.

24 hour care is provided by an extremely dedicated team of trained professionals who are fully committed to the very special needs of their patients. Relatives who wish to participate in the care of the patient are always encouraged and are themselves given the support of the team when required.

Admissions to the Hospice are accepted from the patient’s GP, their consultant if in hospital or through the Home Care Team.

Admission can be for a number of reasons including:

  • Respite Care
  • Symptom Control
  • End of Life Care
  • Psychological Support
  • Combination of care

Hospice care is provided free of charge. Each patient is assessed on a case by case basis every 2 weeks and a decision on their longer term care is made by the multi-disciplinary team.

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